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Robe Changing Ceremony for Kokyo

SWZC celebrated Kokyo’s (Sara Wildi) Transmission at a robe changing ceremony (Dene) on Sunday, July 29, 2012. The actual Transmission ceremony (Denbo) was held in private, as is the custom, at the beginning of the weekend on Friday.

Seisen, decked out in what she called her ‘party robes,’ conducted the ceremony; the love between teacher and student was obvious.

Kokyo receives her gold robe from Seisen

Among the guests was Elder Bob “Sokan” Lee,who served Precepter for Kokyo’s transmission. Sokan is a Sensei as well as a retired pediatrician and family therapist. He reminisced about meeting Kokyo years ago when she picked him up at an airport and drove him to the Mountain Center Zen Center.

Koyko and Elder & Sensei Bob “Sokan” Lee

Following the ceremony the community joined in the Meal Gatha…

Meal Gatha with part of the community

… then enjoyed a luncheon celebration.

Kokyo & Eko share a laugh following the ceremony

Congratulations to both Kokyo and to Seisen!

Photos by Kristin Gorenflo of Serotonin Photograph

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