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Summer Intensive Recap

At first my breathing was my breathing,
Then my breathing became like a clock trying to measure and control time.
Later my breathing returned and forgot it and relaxed.
It took a week.
So it goes.
My experience:

The practice period allowed me to deepen my zen practice and to connect with myself more.
After this experience I feel more enthusiastic about my life. I honestly appreciate each moment much more. I have a great appreciation for MY LIFE as it is.
Thanks SWZC for providing a space where we can come together and support each other.
Roosevelt Roshin Ulloa
Winston missed jukai; is working in the garden.
This summer practice period showed me the spaciousness  of quiet and subtleness.  I have never spent so much time sitting in one spot. It was a consistent pushing myself of to see where I am except I did not need to push at all. My drive and vigor are renewed as I am set, yet again, to make the most out of every moment. This is really what I get out of deep practice periods. This stronger perseverance I take everywhere is my present to myself.
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